Design-Build Proposal

PROBLEM To prepare a detailed Design-Build proposal for the new construction Science building (60,000sq.ft)
COURSE WORK Design-Build Project Delivery
MY ROLE Estimation, Quality Control, Safety Program, Site Logistics, Coordination
TEAM Myself, Ninad, Amruta, Chandrajit and Shannon
SCOPE OF WORK Team Qualification, Team Organization, Architectural Design, Cost Estimates, Schedule, LEED Analysis, Energy Analysis, site Logistics, Quality Control plans, Safety plans, Commissioning, HUB, and Sub-Contractor recruitment plan


  1. All stake holders including students, faculties, maintenance authorities were interviewed to truly understand their expectations from the proposed projects.
  2. Based on that the department’s current student strength, faculty strength, projected growth for next 20 years, classes/rooms/research lab requirements were finalized.
  3. To estimate sizes of required class rooms, we collected data on number of courses offered every semester and the strength of class in each class. Then categorized them based on size. This provided the ratio of classes in each size range.
  4. To decide on number of classes, we simply used the below given formula. It gave us the amount of classes required at any given point of time in the week hours. Contingencies added to accommodate changes, other activities and unforeseen plans.
    1. No. of classes reqd. = {(Number of courses x Duration of each course )/40} + Contingencies
  5. All requirements of Texas A&M Master Plan were studied and understood
  6. All these helped to finalize a detailed “Program of Requirements (POR)” for the project.
  7. To meet the requirements of RFP, main roles were divided among all five team members. There were 2 Architects, 1 LEED AP, 1 Estimator and 1 Scheduler.
  8. Meetings were organized between team members frequently to discuss project progress. Efforts were made to make everyone aware of what is going on with other team members.  
  9. When work was approaching final stage, meetings were organized to set the presentation style, content and time distribution.
  10. A hypothetical company SCANN Design-Build was formed and the team presented the proposal to jury as representatives of the company.

Check the attachments for snapshots and work samples.